KGY Industrial Group

KOOLAK GOSTAR YAZD company with the exclusive name KGY started its journey in the field of designing and producing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) since 1992.

KGY now renowned name in serving the specialized needs of customers with the best quality and economical heating, cooling and ventilation products. KGY is devoted to produce industrial heating and cooling systems that are economically and environmentally optimized.


High Efficiency

Optimal performance, minimal energy consumption, superior productivity assured.


Innovative Design

Pioneering soultions merging efficinecy, technology, and user-centric features.


Cost-effective Solutions

our systems provide cost-effective solution with emphasis on efficiency and resource optimization


Reliable Performance

Built with robust components and advanced technology

EC0 250 Heater Different & Unique

KGY has produced and designed a special greenhouse heater. ECO-250 exhaust heater is recognized as the best alternative to greenhouse heaters by obtaining the highest energy label (high efficiency of 94%) and Iran’s Standard mark.

In the production technology of ECO-250, like other KGY heating products, a combustion chamber and a high-temperature exchanger made of heat-resistant and stainless steel are used, which are also completely standard for very high temperatures. ECO-250 heater has a reasonable and competitive price despite its higher quality than other heaters in the market.


Even Heating

9-blade axial fan with an air displacement of 50,000 cubic meters per hour


Quick heating - sound economy

No need for circulation fan in greenhouses, thermal capacity of 250000 kilo calories


Easy transportation

Easy to transport without the need for a crane


Special Design

Occupying the least space (1.2 square meters)

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Responsive Customer Support

providing timely assistance and solutions to customer inquiries and concerns.


Fast Delivery

Efficient logistics ensuring timely delivery of products to customers


Guaranteed Quality

commitment to excellence, reliability, setting industrial standards

Aftersales Services

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