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About Us

KOOLAK GOSTAR YAZD company with the exclusive name KGY started its journey in the field of designing and producing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) since 1992.

KGY now renowned name in serving the specialized needs of customers with the best quality and economical heating, cooling and ventilation products. KGY is devoted to produce industrial heating and cooling systems that are economically and environmentally optimized.

KGY has helped raise the quality standards in the HVAC industry by producing a variety of products. As a pioneer in this field, KGY has revolutionized the design, production and distribution of knowledge-based HVAC products.

The common feature of all the products of this company is durability, long life and optimization of energy consumption, taking into account all the needs of consumers. This made KGY as one of the most prominent manufacturers in this industry.

KGY specialized sales mangers offer free consultation to help you choose the best products based on your needs.

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Our Leadership

ceo of kgy

KGY is led by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing exceptional products, services, and customer support.


Mojtaba Seyedinkhorasani is the Managing Director of the production division in Yazd. He founded KGY in 1992 and has been instrumental in shaping the company's growth and success. His vision and leadership have guided KGY to become a leading provider of HVAC solutions in Iran.

Dr. Masoud Seyedinkhorasani serves as the Managing Director of KGY's wholesale sales division in Tehran. He brings extensive experience and expertise in the HVAC industry to his role, leading a team of sales professionals dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

Company Vision

Penetrating the Market of Regional Countries:

Our vision is to become the leading company in the Middle East for cooling, heating, and ventilation, establishing a strong presence in the markets of regional countries.

Expanding Production Capacities:

With a commitment to meeting global demand, we aim to expand our production capacities, ensuring our ability to respond effectively to market needs.

Building a Well-Known Brand:

We aspire to create a widely recognized brand, symbolized by our commercial logo (KGY), synonymous with quality, innovation, and respect for consumers.


Emphasizing Quality and Service Improvement:

Our vision includes a dedicated focus on enhancing the quality of our products and services, maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement.


Providing Cutting-Edge Products:

We strive to offer the latest heating, cooling, and ventilation products and systems, aligning ourselves with reputable global companies.

Being the First Choice in Industrial Heating Systems:

Our goal is to be the preferred choice for applicants seeking industrial heating systems in Iran.


Meeting the Country's Cooling, Heating, and Ventilation Needs:

We aim to respond comprehensively to the nation's requirements in the fields of cooling, heating, and industrial ventilation systems.


Innovation through Research and Investigation:

By leveraging research and investigation, we seek to innovate using the latest technologies and standards worldwide in our heating, cooling, and ventilation product offerings.

Establishing Nationwide Representation:

We envision making our services accessible throughout the country by establishing active representatives in all provinces.

Fostering International Collaboration:

We commit to continuous communication with scientific and business centers abroad, facilitating the transfer of new knowledge to domestic experts.


Increasing Investments in Research and Development:

Our vision includes a strategic increase in investments in research and development as well as basic structures, ensuring sustained innovation.


Elevating Technical Expertise:

We aim to enhance the technical prowess of our company by drawing on work experience and employing seasoned experts.

Dominating the Country's Sales Market:

Through a relentless focus on product quality, we aim to secure control of the sales market in the country, establishing our company as a trusted industry leader.


KGY Company Policy

Prioritizing Customers:

Emphasizing the cultivation of trust and maintaining customer satisfaction through the timely fulfillment of obligations.


Technology Development and Production Optimization:

 Increasing productivity and quality by modernizing and optimizing machinery and equipment.


Training of Specialized and Committed Staff:

 Focusing on the development of employees' capabilities and leveraging their ideas and experiences.


Quality Management:

Continuously refining quality management system processes to enhance the quality of products and services.


Environmental Protection:

Implementing intelligent resource usage to prevent, control, and reduce environmental pollution.



Occupational Health and Safety:

Perpetual efforts to reduce workplace accidents and enhance working conditions to promote employee health.


Competition with Foreign Products:

Producing high-quality Iranian products to compete effectively with foreign counterparts.


Education and Promotion of Technical Knowledge:

Elevating the technical knowledge of employees as the primary asset of the company.


Compliance with Standards and Quality:

Adhering to mandatory standards in production and service delivery.


Product Development and Sales Increase:

Enhancing product quality, diversifying offerings, and boosting sales.


Benefit from Customer Comments:

Utilizing customer feedback to enhance productivity and provide more effective services.


Improving the Work Environment:

Enhancing the work environment and employee health through fostering a culture of cleanliness in the workplace.


This comprehensive policy underscores KGY's commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and the continuous improvement of both its products and working conditions. The company remains dedicated to fostering a sustainable and thriving business environment.


A Brief History of Innovation

Engineer Mojtaba Seydin Khorasani established KOOLAK GOSTAR YAZD Company (registration number 4652) in 1992 as a small ownership company focusing on producing, consulting, and supplying cooling, heating, and ventilation solutions. Initially, the company specialized in manufacturing industrial fans of various sizes.


Starting from 1993, the company expanded its offerings to include a production line for two fan and three fan cabinet heaters, ranging from 250,000 to 750,000 kilocalories. In 1999, technological upgrades allowed KOOLAK GOSTAR YAZD to achieve fully mechanized production of parts and accessories, ensuring high-quality and rapid manufacturing.


Over the years, the company earned numerous quality certificates and became an exemplary mechanization unit. Notably, in 2017, KOOLAK GOSTAR YAZD introduced the WA series heaters, revolutionizing Iran's heater industry. These globally recognized heaters, available in three models with heat capacities from 150,000 to 450,000 kcal, are known for their strength, safety, and efficiency.



Consistently a member of the Science and Technology Park Association of Yazd Province since 2006, KOOLAK GOSTAR YAZD earned the title of an exemplary technology unit. In 2013, the company was recognized as the best producer of poultry equipment and heating and cooling systems. In 2010, the company introduced the KG series heaters, featuring capacities of 100,000 to 250,000 kilocalories per hour.


In 2019, the company upgraded its production line, meeting international standards and doubling the quality of its products. In 2021, the ECO250 hot air furnace was launched, featuring a vertical design, a steel press furnace, and heat exchanger, achieving a Grade C standard certificate and an unprecedented thermal efficiency of 94% in Iran.


Following the success of the ECO250, the company introduced a smaller model, the ECO60, in 2023. KOOLAK GOSTAR YAZD exclusively holds the "zero monoxide" certificate for hot air outlets in domestic heaters and industrial furnaces, along with the A label in heater production.


With a commitment to producing quality products, KOOLAK GOSTAR YAZD has not only met domestic market demands but has also successfully entered neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf region. The company's journey is marked by continuous innovation, technological advancements, and a dedication to exceeding industry standards.

Our Achievements

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