R&D Department

The KGY company inaugurated the R&D unit to meet the increasing demands of the country's facilities industry for high-efficiency products with lower energy consumption. This move was driven by the expansion of the complex's activities and the necessity to produce optimal products. The R&D unit aims to achieve the company's goals by harnessing the technical expertise of its specialists.


The unit is tasked with implementing research projects to enhance product quality and designing innovative solutions to address challenges in the facilities sector. Specialists within the R&D unit actively contribute to boosting the company's technical knowledge through continuous study, research, and collaboration with academic and research centers.

kgy r &d department

One primary objective behind the establishment of this unit is to optimize the production process, leading to reduced manufacturing costs. Incorporating advanced production technologies enables the unit to lower the cost of finished products and increase the company's market share in the facilities sector, ultimately enhancing consumers' purchasing power.


The R&D unit at KGY is committed to designing and producing products with lower energy consumption and minimal environmental impact. This commitment is grounded in a comprehensive examination of the environmental effects associated with the collection's products, aligning with the group's longstanding policy of moving towards sustainable development.

Additional unit goals include exploring novel ideas to address technical challenges, managing personnel training initiatives to boost organizational productivity, forecasting market needs, and ensuring products adhere to international standards.


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